22 AUG 2014


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19 AUG 2014

News Post In Egyptian CAIROSCENE

Cairoscene posted the following article after getting relevant information from flycom: http://cairoscene.com/ViewArticle.aspx?AId=13851

18 AUG 2014

Schedule Airstyle Hangout

This new event format will bring together Airstyle riders, who love to jump and do hooked in tricks. Toby Braeuer will be the host to inspire with his tricks and give advice to anyone who wants to improve their level. After two days of riding and pushing riders can compete in the "Best Trick Competition“. During 3 days riders can show their skills in 6 disciplines and will accumulate points by a jury of 3 judges.


  • Boardoff
  • OneFoot
  • Transition
  • Surface
  • Simple Trick
  • Hangtime

At the end the winner with the highest score will be announced and awarded.

15 AUG 2014

Anyone not booking accomodation over flycom or kitesurfing village will have to pay a 50 Euro registration fee in order to participate airstyle contest. The fee has to be paid in advance. It will be completely spend as prizemoney.

07 AUG 2014

Toby Braeuer and Karim Shawky

Karim Shawky demonstrating Egyptian pride and its invitation to the world during event in St. Peter-Ording, Germany, meeting with kitesurfstar Toby Braeuer. Shawky and Braeuer - who made himself immortal in the scene by producing a kitsurf reference guide with over 660 Tricks - are planning an Airstyle kitesurfing event, 22nd of September, in Ras Sudre. The aim is to show a different discipline and format to demonstrate what is needed in this sport to get more attraction from media and spectators. „People want to see long jumps, great tricks and big air time", Braeuer says.
Their focus is coaching Egyptian kitesurfers to compete internationally and to inspire and promote Egyption youngsters.
Watersport enthusiasts of all ages are welcome to participate.
Toby Braeuer and the international Flycom event agency are also organizing a second event in El Gouna, as well as a Pan Arabian "Airstyle Kitesurf Tour". For these events Flycom is still looking for a title sponsor and partners.

During a press meeting in St. Peter-Ording Braeuer and Shawki are promoting Ras Sudre and Egypt as some of the best spots for kitesurfing in world.
Secure winds and great shallow beaches are allowing easy access to kitesurfing fun of its best.

07 Aug 2014
  • Female fans want signature
  • Female fans want signature
  • Toby Braeuer handing out blueray to Karim Shawky
  • Toby Braeuer and Karim Shawky

Toby Braeuer and Karim Shawky posing for pictures, signing cards for fans and Toby Braeuewr handing out one of his bluerays to Shawky.